Kelly Collins
January 2, 2020

Balance Your 6th Chakra and Strengthen Your Intuition

Strengthen your intuition and go through life with enhanced confidence and clarity. Without it, life can seem a lot scarier than it needs to be. Especially when faced with the bigger decisions and changes. Our 6th chakra, or the third eye, governs our ability to connect with our intuition and deep inner knowing. When we take the time to tune into the energy of our third eye and give it a little love, we can foster energetic balance and strengthen the intuition.

A consistent yoga practice provides a variety of powerful intuition strengthening opportunities. This simple energy practice only takes a few minutes. It can help you connect with vital life-force energy and strengthen your third eye. Practice this daily to increase your intuitive powers!

A Simple Practice to Strengthen Your Intuition

Strengthen Your Intuition

Find a comfortable seat on the floor or in a chair. Sit tall and lengthen the spine. Bring your palms together and vigorously rub them back and forth to create friction and heat. Once you’ve created a good amount of heat, slowly pull your palms apart about an inch. Feel the energy (prana) radiating between them. Then, play with pulling them further apart and then bringing them back together a couple of times to see what that feels like.

Next, bring your palms back together and close your eyes. Soften the muscles of your face and lightly roll your eyes up and back towards your third eye center, situated between the brows. This brings the attention to your third eye chakra.

Keep your eyes closed and awareness there as you rub your palms together again, creating heat. Place your hands an inch above your third eye and your two physical eyes. Feel the energy radiating from your palms onto your third eye.

After a minute, place your palms face up in your lap and continue to keep your focus on your third eye. Notice what comes up for you. Maybe you see color or light or receive a message. Stay for a few more minutes to feel your new connection.

When you’re ready, bring your awareness back to your surroundings and open your eyes.

Strengthen Your Intuition

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