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July 2, 2021

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal yoga classes are growing in popularity because of how great the benefits are.  Pregnancy is filled with unknowns and everything about it is quite unpredictable.  Don’t let prenatal yoga be another mysterious topic.  We put together these quick tips to demystify yoga for pregnancy so you feel comfortable going to your local studio or trying our online prenatal yoga classes.

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3 Quick Tips About Prenatal Yoga Classes

Ask Your OB

Before trying any physical activity, always run it by your OB or midwife.  Yoga teachers are not doctors.  It is best to ask your prenatal healthcare provider if prenatal yoga is safe for you and your particular pregnancy.  Having their blessing will ease your mind and make you feel more comfortable taking classes.

The Golden Rule of Prenatal Yoga Classes

The golden rule of physical activity during pregnancy is this: don’t start a new style of exercise when you become pregnant.  It’s not the time to suddenly take up weightlifting or surfing.  However, any physical activity you were already doing before you were pregnant is usually safe to continue doing for at least the first trimester.  (Remember to refer to rule #1 first!).

However when it comes to yoga, prenatal yoga classes are designed specifically for pregnant women.  This means that if you have never done yoga before, prenatal yoga classes are safe.  You may want to skip hatha or vinyasa classes if yoga is new for you.  However if you have already been practicing yoga before you became pregnant, then you can definitely continue your practice into your pregnancy.  

Listen To Your Body

The body changes dramatically over the course of a 40 week pregnancy.  What feels fine one day may not feel okay a day or week later.  Your body will speak loud and clear to you during pregnancy.  When you’re practicing any type of movement, including prenatal yoga classes, it’s important that you listen to these messages.

During the first trimester, mobility is not much of an issue because the belly doesn’t change very much.  However the first 12 weeks could bring nausea and exhaustion.  You may not feel like doing yoga or anything else for that matter.  Rest as much as you can and don’t put pressure on yourself to do things you think you’re supposed to do.  If you are feeling good one day, try one of our 20 minute classes for the first trimester:

First Trimester : Easy Flow


As you move into the second trimester, the body changes more.  The belly grows and you’ll start to feel a variety things around the lower back and pelvis.  At some point during this period, you may not want to lie on the belly anymore.  Even if the belly isn’t very big, you still may not like it.  Listen to that message and skip those positions.  Do this prenatal yoga class for the second trimester that allows for the many changes you may experience.

2nd Trimester : Moderate Flow

When you arrive at your final trimester, your desire for movement is going to shift substantially.  You’re carrying around a lot of extra weight and you may feel great, but it’s normal to want to really slow down.  Yoga for the third trimester is designed specifically to take into account your beautiful belly.  Enjoy simpler moments that will still encourage the balance of strength and flexibility.  This helps not only in finding comfort in these last weeks but will also help with labor and delivery.  Try one of our Prenatal yoga for the third trimester classes and enjoy some easy breath and movement.

Third Trimester : Stretch & Strengthen

Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal yoga classes can be one of the best ways to not only enjoy your pregnancy more, but to prepare yourself for labor and delivery.  Learn how to breathe in a more controlled and conscious way and keep your body strong and open for this amazing time of life.

Sign up today and get your first two weeks free!


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