Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
September 4, 2020

Yoga Videos Online for A Healthy Neck and Shoulders

When you get a massage and the therapist asks, “what would you like me to focus on?”  The answer is usually the same: my neck and shoulders.  71% of adults will experience neck pain at one point in their lives. Why do we carry so much tension here?  There are a variety of reasons.  How we stand, walk and sit all effects the alignment of our bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  A big reason people have tension in this area is habitual patterns in how they walk, sit and sleep. Also, if you Sign up for two weeks free to give these classes a try!

Yoga for Shoulder Recovery with Amanda McCarroll

Yoga Videos Online

This 20 minute slow flow is very gentle and appropriate for all levels. When healing from a shoulder injury or surgery, it is best not to put any weight on the hands. This class focuses on opening the whole body while avoiding putting pressure on the upper body. Includes safe stretches to help maintain mobility and create space in the neck and shoulder area.  Appropriate for all levels

Release Neck and Shoulders with Amanda McCarroll

Yoga Videos Online

This is also an extremely gentle 20 minute slow flow class. Focus on poses specifically designed to open the muscles between the shoulder blades, neck and chest.  Yoga for neck and shoulder pain releases the stress and tension that causes so much discomfort.  This ultra relaxing class will help you ease into the rest of your day or unwind for a good night’s sleep.  Go to our beginner page for more classes and answers to all your questions.

Love Your Shoulders with Jon Old-Rowe


This class gets a little more challenging but is still a slow flow.  It’s also longer and gives you 60 minutes to create strength and awareness in the neck and shoulder area. This series of shoulder openers will release any and all upper body and neck tension you may have. Grab a strap or a belt of some sort and learn some great new techniques for creating equal parts stability and mobility in this often sore and stiff area. Optimize all of the different joint actions of the shoulder with this unique series of movements that you won’t find in anyone else’s class. We don’t know how Jon comes up with this stuff but we like it, and you will too. Suitable for all levels, this slow flow vinyasa yoga video generates quite a bit of heat in the core and upper body. So prepare yourself for a little sweat as well.

Shoulder Repair with Carolina Vivas


Many of our yoga videos online are on the gentle side but this vinyasa with Carolina is challenging and good for more experienced practitioners.  If you don’t have an injury but experience weakness and tension in the neck and shoulder area, this class is for you. Shoulder tightness restricts deep breathing, and weak shoulders can cause neck pain or impede good posture. Having strong, yet mobile shoulders, can completely change the way you feel in your body. This shoulder repair vinyasa class has the perfect balance of poses that help build muscle around the shoulder joints and poses that get deep into the tight crevices that restrict range of motion.

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