myles golden
September 4, 2011
Things We Can’t Live Without

Things We Can’t Live Without

The Best in Self-Care

Love – for the heart

Yoga – for the mind, body, and spirit

Massage – for muscles, lymphatic system and stress relief

Coconut Oil – body lotion and for cooking

Coconut Butter – eat straight out of the jar or with yogurt and honey

Magnesium Oil – for sore muscles and injuries

Udo’s Oil – sprinkle on salads and everything else that it mixes with

Goatein Powder – blend into smooties (it’s goat protein powder)

Goat Butter – on yams and crackers

Probiotics – scoop powder to take alone, with yogurt or in smoothies

Bija Dark Chocolate – dessert

Yams – dinner or snack (with udo’s oil, maple syrup, or goat butter & pink salt)

Fresh pressed veggie juice – all day, every day

Pink Salt – on salads, yams, quinoa and green mango

Lemons/Limes – on salads & protein or in water

Cayenne Pepper – on mango with pink salt

Chilli Peppers – in salads

Garlic – fresh pressed or cooked

Salads – for the digestive system

Hair Magic (blended oils) – for  length and shine

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