Carolina Vivas @cvivas64
September 10, 2021

Supercharge Your Online Yoga Classes with Our FlowLIFT Workouts 

Staying in shape is tough, especially as you slide into your forties.  There’s no doubt that online yoga classes keep you lean and strong, but if you want to re-shape and transform your body, you need resistance weight training.  In 2016 we were about to turn forty and we were tired of having to go outside our studio for other forms of exercise.  We ran, we did pilates, we hired a personal trainer, and we even went to other boutique gyms for high intensity workouts.  Find out how we solved this problem with FlowLIFT, the workout we created.

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Using Online Yoga Classes As a Template for Our Workout 

What we love most about yoga is the fluidity of it.  We love that it’s almost like one long, continuous, smooth flow that feels like a dance.  When you get in the groove and synchronize the body with the breath, you get that yoga high everyone talks about.  It’s refreshing, mesmerizing and soothing.  We wanted a high intensity workout that flowed like that.  Although it took us many months, we finally created a format that resembles a sun salute, except faster and more intense. We combined lunges, squats, planks, downs dogs and floor moves that work your whole body all in one shot.  Though we love skating, you won’t have skates on during the workout.  It’s done barefoot with light ankle weights and dumbbells. The result is a sweat workout that gets you cardio, resistance training, coordination, agility and flexibility.  Once we figured it out, there was no longer a reason to look elsewhere; FlowLIFT has it all.  

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Yoga and FlowLIFT Are a Match Made in Heaven

For us, it’s all about balance.  We still need and appreciate our online yoga classes, but now we just alternate them with our FlowLIFT workouts.  The yin and the yang of this perfect combination leaves us feeling strong, centered and mentally at ease.  We work our butts off in every 45-minute FlowLIFT class and stretch it all out with our online yoga classes.  

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Two Memberships for Just $24/month

Each of our websites, FlowLIFT and YourBuddhi yoga, are $18/month, but when you sign up for the dual membership you pay just $24/month.  At the time this is being printed FlowLIFT has over 125 on-demand workouts and YourBuddhi has almost 400 pre-recorded yoga classes.  We upload new classes every single Monday on both sites, so the number of options is constantly growing.  In addition, YourBuddhi livestreams group online yoga classes at least five classes per day, every day of the week.  These two memberships make it easy for you to stay healthy and looking good all year round.  

Ready to Start feeling and Looking Your Best?

Sign up for the dual membership, your first two weeks are free!

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