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September 18, 2014
Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Carolina Vivas

Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Carolina Vivas

Carolina believes that yoga can make impactful changes in both body and mind.  She has personally experienced more courage, clarity and stabilty in many areas of her life since she started practicing fifteen years ago. Carolina’s unique vinyasa style draws various techniques from Astanga, Iyengar, Power Yoga, and Thai massage.  Her creative and invigorating classes are smoothly sequenced and infused with practical yoga philosophy.  Carolina never teaches the same class twice and loves to give lots of adjustments!  Her passion for yoga creates classes with a perfect balance of poses for strength and flexibility.  She also offers options for all levels and encourages her students to stay focused on the breath to create calmness in the mind through challenging situations.  Her classes leave you feeling realigned, powerful, and stress-free.

Carolina’s Schedule

Tuesday  6-7AM & 5:30-6:45PM | Buddhi Flow

Wednesday 5:30-6:45PM | Buddhi Flow

Thursday 6-7AM & 10-11AM | Buddhi Flow

Sunday 9:15-10:30AM | Buddhi Flow

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From Students

“Carolina has been an inspiration to me since the first class I took from her about eight years ago. Carolina’s words have been both meaningful and inspirational. Many times I have finished my practice and I’m left thinking about the thoughts she has left me with and I take them with me throughout my day, night and future days.  Carolina practices mindfulness and meditation from the heart and is able to make others feel calm and good about themselves.  Carolina’s classes are like no other!  The sequencing, adjustments and music are always new, fresh, interesting and most of all fun!  I feel so blessed and lucky to have he ability to practice yoga with this teacher!  She is truly a beautiful person inside and out!” – Vicky Graham

“I began doing yoga with Carolina in 2010 as a beginner. Prior to that I primarily did Pilates.  After four years of group classes and private lessons, she has taken my practice to another level in an extreme way.  I especially love that I continue to be challenged every time I work with Carolina.  I look forward to every yoga session. She is creative, unique and pushes your body and mind beyond its limits. She is simply one of the best.” – Cambra Finch
“I have been taking Carolina’s classes for over 7 years and she is an amazing yoga teacher. Initially, I started yoga to get into shape and to relieve stress from work and life in general.  The benefits and improvements in my life from taking her classes have helped me far beyond my expectations.  It’s been 7 years since starting with Carolina, but it still feels fresh and invigorating. The reason for this is because her classes are always different and challenging.  Her choice of music that goes with her classes also adds in motivating a great practice.  I would highly recommend Carolina if you want to make a positive change in your life.” – Lori Lin

Buddhi Yoga | 7843 Girard Avenue, Suite F | La Jolla, California

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