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June 12, 2011
Make your own Almond-goji Milk

Make your own Almond-goji Milk

Ever since Ariel Policano ND moved into the office next to mine in downtown La Jolla, my diet and viewpoint on eating for health has been radically transformed.  I thought I was healthy before, but as I slowly integrate her advice and her amazing plethora of superfood products into my daily diet I feel better and better.  I bounce out of bed after an improved nights sleep, I have a steady flow of energy all day long, and best of all my skin looks and feels younger and more vital.  Not to sound too ridiculous, but I truly feel like I’m operating on a higher vibration.

Of the MANY things I am learning from her, one of my favorite recipes so far is her homemade almond-goji milk.  It’s easy to make and well worth it.  I used it for the base of my smoothie this morning and my husband said it was the best smoothie I’ve ever made!  So give it a try…


2 cups of raw, organic almonds (I got mine at Trader Joe’s)

1 cup dried goji berries (I bought mine from Ariel.  If you don’t live in San Diego, check out Whole Foods).

Nylon mesh bag to strain the liquid through – I got mine at the hardware store in the paint section for $3.99 for a package of 2. 

Filtered water

1) Wash nylon bag with dish soap and water, rinse thoroughly.

2) Soak almonds overnight immersed in water

3) Soak goji berries at least four hours

4) Throw out soaking water and rinse almonds.  Throw one cup of almonds in the blender with three cups of filtered water and blend thoroughly – at least a minute.  Do the same with the next cup and pour all the liquid through the mesh bag into a pitcher.  Squeeze bag until all of the liquid is in the pitcher and just the almond pulp is left in the mesh strainer.  Rinse out strainer.

5) Put almond milk and goji berries into the blender (you can do this in batches – half the almond milk with half the goji berries if it’s too much liquid for your blender).  Blend together and pour back through mesh bag.  Squeeze out all the liquid – it should be a beautiful creamy pink color.

VIOLA!  You have a delicious, healthy beverage that you can drink plain, maybe add a little natural sweetener like stevia or agave syrup, or use as a base for you smoothie.  Great for babies – Franky drank a ton of it this morning from his sippy cup!

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