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February 25, 2014
A Sugar Free Me

A Sugar Free Me

There is nothing more obnoxious than someone telling you how to eat.  The internet is overflowing with blogposts and articles arguing what the best way to eat is.  Just when you think you’re doing everything right, someone has an opinion about how it’s all wrong.  It’s overwhelming and confusing.  Who is right?  What is the most ideal way to eat?  What is one simple change that could make a big difference?

During and since my pregnancy, I have become a sugar addict.  I have a hard time gaining weight when I’m pregnant (humblebrag alert!) so I thought that eating a pint of ice cream every night was a great way to pack on the pounds. I am now nursing and hungrier than ever so it’s been hard to cut out the sugar.  I want it after every meal or I just don’t feel satisfied.  With all the available nutrition and diet advice, cutting out (or greatly minimizing) sugar seems to be something that everyone agrees on.

On March 1st I am going on a 30 day sugar detox and cutting out all refined sugar.  Goodbye ice cream, chocolate and any food that lists sugar as an ingredient.  This includes sugar replacements such as agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.  The brain runs on glucose, yes, but I will get more than enough sugar from fruit.  I will also be greatly minimizing dairy products and refined carbs such as pasta and bread.

I will be documenting my experience with blogposts and share my menu items via Instagram.    I invite you to join me on my month long quest.  Let it be the first step in finding your very own perfect way of eating that is right for you.   It’s a small change that could have a profound effect on your energy level, weight (especially the chunk around the mid-section) and attitude towards food.  Keep a journal about your experience, documenting everything from your cravings to new menu items you discover.

After my month detox, I will once again occasionally indulge, but my day will no longer center around how and when I’m going to get sugar into my system.  Along with an increased energy level, improved digestion, better liver function, lack of food cravings and glowing skin, I am hoping to look slamming hot in a bikini.  The benefits are endless so let’s get started.

For more information on the negative effects of sugar:

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