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New Buddhi Yoga

In less than a year we have doubled in size! Come visit us when you are in San Diego.

Blog Feature


Try this sequence of poses to make your way into a deep backbend that strengthens the spine muscles and releases stress.


A Salad You Will LOVE

Great way to get some greens in
and tastes so delicious!    

Practice at Home

Practice at Home

Stretch and strengthen the hips and shoulders in this slow but challenging class appropriate for all levels.

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Video Yoga Tip

Watch this short video! Connect to your abdominal muscles so you can transition from crane to the one-legged variation with grace and ease. 

Arm Balance Secrets

Blog tutorial to open hips and stretch the spine so you can get into some fun arm balancing postures.

New Recipe!

Tahirih Linz from Salmonberry Consulting hits it out of the park again with this awesome summer salad.

Body Buzz

Use this audio class to open up the front of the body with 75 minutes of energizing flow.  

Meet Your Teachers

Amanda McCarroll & Carolina Vivas

Amanda's ultra-smooth vinyasa style is designed to tone the body, promote greater flexibility and to cultivate a connection with the breath.  She has developed a great awareness for safely challenging her students and giving them exactly what they need.  Her philosophy is simple: yoga teaches us to be present, and in this presence is where peace and contentment are found.  Learn more about Amanda

Carolina believes that through yoga we can make an impactful change in the body and mind.  She has personally experienced more courage, clarity and stabilty in many areas of her life. This proves to be an invaluable tool as we traverse the ups and downs that come our way. Carolina's classes leave you feeling realigned, relaxed and powerful.  Learn more about Carolina.

Our Mission: To share the endless benefits of having a daily yoga practice through convenient on-demand instruction. YourBuddhi’s guiding principles are to share ancient yoga teachings in a contemporary way so that everyone can enjoy the practice without having to make drastic changes.  Learn more about yourBuddhi.