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Breath & Movement
Learn how to move with the breath to calm the nervous system and relieve stress.

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New Recipe!

Craving pasta? Spiralize some zucchini and top with pesto instead.  Great for kids!

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Soak your nuts!  They will taste so juicy and clean and the flavors of the nut really shine through. 

Teacher Training

Go to our classes page and check "Teachers" in the level section for sequencing tips.  Videos on adjustments, philosophy and more coming soon.

Yoga for Beginners

Try Breath & Movement, the first class in a new series for beginners.  Come back every week for a new class.

Music Mondays

Listen to the latest playlists we are jamming in our classes.  Shimmy Y'all features Peter Tosh, Zap Mama and DJ Vadim.

Meet Your Teachers - Amanda McCarroll & Carolina Vivas

Amanda's ultra-smooth vinyasa style is designed to tone the body, promote greater flexibility and to cultivate a connection with the breath.  She has developed a great awareness for safely challenging her students and giving them exactly what they need.  Her philosophy is simple: yoga teaches us to be present, and in this presence is where peace and contentment are found.  Learn more about Amanda

Carolina believes that through yoga we can make an impactful change in the body and mind.  She has personally experienced more courage, clarity and stabilty in many areas of her life. This proves to be an invaluable tool as we traverse the ups and downs that come our way. Carolina's classes leave you feeling realigned, relaxed and powerful.  Learn more about Carolina.

Our Mission: To share the endless benefits of having a daily yoga practice through convenient on-demand instruction. YourBuddhi’s guiding principles are to share ancient yoga teachings in a contemporary way so that everyone can enjoy the practice without having to make drastic changes.  Learn more about yourBuddhi.

Events in San Diego, California

Adjustments Workshop with Carolina
La Jolla Yoga Center


Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Learn the secret to giving adjustments that will leave your students feeling energized and open. This workshop begins with an overview of the techniques, including thai massage principles, and quickly moves into hand-on practice. A must for all teachers but also great for students who want to develop their own personal practice.

This workshop teaches the principles of giving good adjustments:

  • Breathing in unison
  • Movement trajectory
  • The art of touch
  • Anatomy and alignment

Great for trainers to stretch their clients and new yoga teachers who want to become more confident in giving strong, intuitive adjustments.

Cost: $40, $30 with a friend, $25 for recent teacher training graduates

Hip Openers for a Healthy Spine with Amanda
La Jolla Yoga Center

Date: Saturday, June 14th

Time: 12 - 2pm

Everything we do, from driving, sitting, and most forms of exercise, tightens our hips.  This lack of mobility creates tension in the body that affects us on every level.   

Workshop Benefits:

  • Learn the basic anatomy of the hips, their relationship to the spine and how they effect one another.
  • Practice simple postures that are appropriate for all levels designed to open the hips and promote greater range of motion.
  • Develop an awareness of the mind-body connection by using the breath as a tool for letting go of unconscious tension.  

The combination of hip openers and deep breathing facilitates stress release.  Letting go of tension in the hips calms the nervous system and will leave you feeling relaxed in both body and mind.

Cost: $35