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July 31, 2014
Yoga for Moms – The Naptime 20

Yoga for Moms – The Naptime 20

When baby Leo takes his morning nap around 9am, I look around my house and see a disaster zone.  There are toys everywhere, laundry to be folded and dishes piled up.   A game-changing yoga practice only takes 20 minutes.  In these brief moments we have to ourselves, we have a choice:  take a little time for ourselves or forge ahead with the endless work mothers do.   There is a sanctuary among the chaos in every home, no matter how big or small.  Maybe a coffee table needs to be moved, but it’s there.  Instead of listening to the excuses why not to do yoga, just roll out your mat and get to it.

If you are more of a beginner or want something mellow, try Dynamic Flow.  It’s the perfect 20 minutes of moving, stretching and breathing.  Get energized and let go of pent up stress. 

If you have a lot of energy and want more of a workout, try our Afternoon-Pick-Me-Up.
Get the blood moving and work up a little sweat.

If you’re feeling like a superhero, try our Advanced Yoga Tricks class.  Work on arm balances and inversions to tap into your inner Wonder Woman, (she’s in there!)

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