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June 9, 2014
Karma Mission: Week 2: Smile and Look Into the Eyes

Karma Mission: Week 2: Smile and Look Into the Eyes

The karma mission for this week is as follows:  Try to look everyone square in the eyes and smile…a lot.  When I started my teacher training in NYC long ago we had to do the “eye-lock” on the first day of class.  We sat in front of a complete stranger and stared into their eyes for what seemed like forever. The thoughts in my head raced. I wonder what he’s thinking? Am I making him feel uncomfortable? Does he notice that I have one eye smaller than the other? I think I’m looking into his soul.

We’ve all heard it before:  The eyes are the windows to the soul and in my opinion, we don’t look into people’s eyes enough – especially in New York.  That day I tried to make eye contact with everyone I passed on the bustling streets of The City but it turned out to be harder than it sounds.  People get uncomfortable when you try to see past “the mask” and that sense of deeper connection seems to keep getting more elusive.   Cell phones, busy lifestyles, problems, worries and past pains keep us from being more present and open to the full experience at hand.  So this week try to really see people beyond the physical and smile because it goes a long way.  Report back to us with comments and stay tuned for next week’s challenge.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more yoga and inspiration.

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