September 4, 2016

Online Yoga Videos for Surfers

The home of yourBuddhi is San Diego, CA, which is also home to some of the best surf breaks in the country. Blacks, Windansea, Sunset Cliffs, Imperial Beach, the list goes on and on. We are surrounded by surfers and surf culture and it inspired us to create this month’s series of yoga videos for surfers. A well-rounded yoga class will provide great benefit to anyone that surfs, whether you are a beginner or have been surfing for years. If you already rip, then yoga will help you rip even more. If you have no idea what you’re doing, yoga will help you paddle better, get to your feet easier and improve your balance on the board. While any good yoga class will do the job, this month we made four new videos specifically created for improving your surfing skills.

yoga video for surfers

Our Yoga Videos for Surfers Improve Paddling Skills

A major factor in a surfer’s ability to catch waves is how well they paddle. It not only requires shoulder and arm strength but spinal strength as well. Developing a strong spine, arms and shoulders enable you to move the board quickly along the surface of the water so that you can get out past the whitewater and be able to quickly turn around and catch waves. Our yoga videos for surfers target these areas so you can paddle with fluidity and power.

Yoga Videos for Surfers Will Help You Get Up and Stay Up

When surfers first start out, they often take a pit stop on their knees before getting to their feet. The problem with this is that you miss out on riding the face of the wave and doing a bottom turn which sets you up for the thrill of really riding a wave. The act of “popping up” from your belly to your feet requires back strength, core strength, hip mobility and spinal flexibility. Our online yoga videos don’t just emphasize individual poses but also the transitions between postures. Learning and mastering smooth transitions in yoga greatly increases abdominal strength, body awareness, agility and all-over flexibility. Yoga will help you get to your feet more quickly so that you can really experience the high of gliding along the face of a wave. Practicing the wide range of balancing postures in our online yoga videos will also help you stay on your feet and once you get there.

surfers yoga videos

September’s Videos Were Created for Surfers But Benefit Everyone

We made four different videos depending on what you’re in the mood for. They are all 20 minutes, perfect for before or after a surf sesh or whenever you have a little time for yourself. The Beginner Flow develops balance and focus to help keep your head in the game when paddling, popping up and then actually surfing. It’s great if you want something mellow or don’t have much yoga experience. The Slow Flow class increases flexibility in the hips and incorporates postures that will strengthen the upper back and all the muscles along the spine. Try the Buddhi Flow to increase range of motion in the shoulders and strengthen the lower back. The Super Yogi is intense and will get your heart pumping. Try arm balances and inversions to develop the core and upper body, especially the shoulders and the thoracic spine. On top of all of the physical benefits, connecting with the breath and becoming more present creates a sense of calm and chills us out. If you love surfing, we know you love a good natural high. Yoga gets you to that same place, just in a different way. So when the waves are blown out and the conditions aren’t good, try any of our videos. You’ll feel amazing every time, just like surfing.

Photos by SAO Photography in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

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