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September 18, 2014
Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Leslie Burger

Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Leslie Burger

Leslie began practicing yoga in 2005. At first, yoga was seemingly just a physical practice that complemented her other athletic activities. However, as time went on, her practice became much more consistent (the peak being in college, when her anxiety and stress levels completely skyrocketed!), and she began to become aware of the amazing transformative effects of yoga. She became more present; a little less reactive and moody; and she was able to cope better with stress and uncertainty. Her relationship with her body transformed–not only did she become stronger, but she began to cultivate a greater appreciation and love for her body and its capabilities. Since then, her passion for yoga has grown exponentially, and her daily practice provides an opportunity to reconnect, heal, challenge herself, and find contentment and stillness in the present moment.

Leslie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels, from powerful Vinyasa flow to gentle Hatha with a strong focus on alignment and creative, fluid sequencing. Her classes aim to cultivate awareness, openness, strength and flexibility, ultimately facilitating the connection to your truest, most beautiful self.

Leslie’s Schedule

Saturdays 4:30-5:45PM | Vinyasa Mixed

Wednesdays 7-8pm | Moonlight Vinyasa 

From Students

“Leslie is a newer teacher who is wise beyond her years. She has a calm,
steady manner, but still teaches a challenging class. I always looks forward
to her classes.” -Linda Hutchison

“In addition to her knowledge of the practice of yoga, Leslie is able to weave a deep understanding and intuition in meeting the needs of her students. Leslie’s teaching style is consistently supportive, welcoming and clear.” -Linda Armijo

Buddhi Yoga | 7843 Girard Avenue, Suite F | La Jolla, California 

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