Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
October 11, 2021

5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Can yoga really help you lose weight?  We think that it can.  There are many reasons why yoga can help to shed some extra pounds.  We’ve put together five of our favorite yoga poses for weight loss.  These moves turn up the heat and melt the fat away.  These moves not only help you to lose weight but strengthen the core, upper body and legs.  You can find postures like these in our full length vinyasa and Buddhi flow classes.

5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Tiger Chaturanga

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

This variation of plank is a Carolina Vivas special.  You have to engage the core, lift the pelvic floor and press strongly into the hands.  It’s a full body move that will get the heart pumping and the metabolism fired up.

  • Start in plank with the hands shoulder distance apart and the feet hip distance apart
  • Lower to a chaturanga (low pushup)
  • Press back up to plank and as you lift, tuck one knee into the chest
  • Extend the leg back as you lower down again.
  • Try 5-10 on each side.

Lunge Jump Switch

Mastering the lunge jump switch is a great way to improve coordination, agility, core strength and floating techniques.  This cardio move will raise the heart rate and burn fat from the mid section.

  • Begin in a lunge position with the hands lined up under the shoulders
  • Soften both knees and press into the hands and feet
  • Float the legs off the floor and switch your stance, bringing the back foot forward and the front foot back
  • Don’t make a sound when the feet land so that you’re light and connected to core.
  • Try 5-10 on each side

Boat Crunches

Boat crunches are a modern take on an old pose, navasana.  Rather than holding navasana, we add the crunches to the pose to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping through the system.

  • Begin in a modified boat pose so that the knees are bent and the shins are parallel to the ground
  • Inhale to extend out and toward the ground.  The legs are straight and the feet, legs, spine and shoulders are hovering above the earth.
  • Exhale back up to the starting position, making sure to keep the shins parallel to the ground.
  • Try 10-20 rounds, keeping the spine long and the chest lifted.

Warrior 3 Tucks

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

This is one of our favorite ways to target the glutes so get ready to feel the burn! Not only does this tone the muscles of the legs and booty, it’s also a great way to practice balance and focus.

  • Start in a standing position and float one leg back to a warrior 3.
  • Inhale to lengthen the arms and back leg apart while bringing the arms into a cactus position.
  • Exhale to tuck the back knee in behind the standing knee and tap the forearms together.
  • The arms in a cactus position will work the upper back muscles while the movement of the lower body will work the legs and glutes.
  • Repeat this flow 8-10 times each side.

Forearm Plank Knee Hike

Practice these with the breath or move a little quicker to get that cardio kicking.  This move is a great way to strengthen the upper body and turn on the deep core muscles.

  • Start in a plank position on the forearms
  • Feet are hip distance apart at back of mat.
  • Inhale in the low plank and exhale tuck right knee to the back of the right tricep.
  • Repeat on the left side.
  • Do 10-20 on each side

While yoga is most certainly not just about weight loss, it’s a nice added to benefit.  The most important part of your yoga practice is to stay connected to the breath.  So when you’re doing a challenging class that include moves like the ones above, remember to slow the breath back down once you’re done.  We love the wave like feel of yoga classes.  Just when you think you can’t go any longer or deeper, a little break in the intensity comes and we feel amazing.  Always bring your focus back to creating a long, deep rhythm of breath to have the best experience.

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