Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
May 18, 2021

Hallelujah!  After a year of pandemic mayhem, the US is finally opening back up again.  People are gradually returning to their old routines and thankfully this includes going back to their local yoga studio!  However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your new dedication to a home practice.  We now have the option of following along at home or going back to studio classes.  There are tons of reasons to maintain a steady habit of online yoga classes in addition to going back to your favorite neighborhood spot.

3 Reasons to Stick with Online Yoga Classes

Timing is Everything

Now that things are open, our schedule is anything but.  Our days are filled to the brim again and getting to the gym or yoga class may fall to the bottom of your to-do list.  However, if you have access to yourBuddhi, we’ve got hundreds of online yoga classes for you to make time for an awesome class. The 20 and 40 minute options are the best when you’re short on time.  You’ll never regret setting aside even just 20 minutes for a quick session.  It’s a game changer and will help you to enjoy the rest of the day or settle in for a long, peaceful sleep.

Good Morning Vinyasa with Carolina is the perfect way to jumpstart your day.  You won’t need coffee to get going after you’re done with this awesome flow.

Good Morning Vinyasa

Ready to go to bed but still feeling a little restless?  Try this Sleepy Time Stretch with Amanda to wind down and let go of your day.  You can actually do this lying down in bed!  Or if you prefer on the floor next to your bed.  Keep a pillow close in case you crash out into some blissful zzzzz’s during savasana.

Sleepy Time Stretch

The Choice is Yours With Online Yoga Classes

Your Buddhi has so much variety.  In addition to being able to search by class length, you can also explore different styles, instructors and intensity levels.  Your local yoga spot may not have all of these options.  It’s nice to get exactly what you need, when you want it.  We also recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new teacher or style of yoga that you’re not used to.

Let’s start with kundalini online yoga classes.  This style of yoga is completely different than haha or vinyasa. Kundalini yoga and meditation integrates all the facets of yogic science: movement, breathwork, meditation, and mantra. People often feel energized and joyful with a heightened awareness of their senses after class.  You also may feel the movement of energy up along the spine in a way you never have before.  We recommend these two classes to start with.  Keep a journal nearby and write down any thoughts or feelings that come up after class.  Get ready for a powerful new experience!

This first class is with our resident kundalini queen, Sheel.  She includes holotropic breathwork at the end of class.  Go into this with an open mind and just go for it!  Dim the lights, light some candles and get ready to be teleported to new places in the subconscious mind.

Spring Cleaning Kundalini and Breathwork

Here is another one with the wonderful Jon Old-Rowe.  His classes can be quite challenging in an entirely new way.  Just when you think you can’t lift your arms or chant any longer, you’ll suddenly feel a wave of energy carrying you through to the final relaxation.

Kundalini with Jon

You’re in Control

As we shift back to “normal” life, we can often feel like we don’t have control over our health.  We aren’t eating the best we can eat or working out as much we we would like to.  We pile feelings of guilt on ourselves that is only going to add to our daily stress.  Yoga helps you to let all that stuff go.  When you carve out a little bit of time for yourself, our negative self talk tends to dissipate and is replaced by a sense of peace and contentment.

Wellness has become a dizzying mess of recommendations that over promise and under deliver.  Instagram, email newsletters and magazines tell you that you need expensive outfits, supplements, retreats and a whole bunch of other crap that might be great but is out of reach for most people.  Your Buddhi is only $18/month.  We make it this price so that it’s accessible to a wide variety of people.  Everyone deserves to feel good.  Learn how to breathe deeply and consciously, flow through some beautiful movements and celebrate the fact that we’re alive and well in this beautiful and cray world.

Not a member yet?  Try us out for 14 days free.  Make the time for you…today!

You can also get our dual membership for access to both of our websites for $24/month.  FlowLIFT and yoga are the perfect combination!

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