Carolina Vivas @cvivas64
September 28, 2021

No-Nonsense Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Busy People

We started teaching vinyasa flow yoga back in 2005 in our mid-20s.  We were excited, enthusiastic and green as can be.  Over the years we came across all types of teachers – both authentic ones and others that seemed to be a little forced and contrived.  As new teachers we found it important to model ourselves after experienced mentors.  We always seemed to gravitate towards those no-frills, “real as can be” instructors that didn’t over-complicate things.  The result was challenging and effective classes balanced with practical yoga philosophy that comes from a place of experience as opposed to just repeating something we heard somewhere.  

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No Contrived Vinyasa Flow Yoga Philosophy

The philosophy we share during our classes comes from personal experience with the practice. We share what works for us or anything that hits us deeply on an emotional or mental level.  Now that we’re in our forties and we’ve had a lot of experience with teaching vinyasa flow yoga those philosophical nuggets come more naturally.  We read a lot of books, we still take classes with our own teachers and we never stop learning.  Authenticity plays a big role in whether yoga philosophy makes a difference in your life; try us to feel the difference.  

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Classes that Pack a Punch 

We know you’re busy and it’s hard to make time for a consistent yoga practice, which is why we created this site.  Whether you have twenty minutes or time for a full seventy-five minute class, all the options are there for you.  Every class is perfectly sequenced to give you exactly what you need.  Sometimes just twenty minutes a day makes all the difference in the world.  

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Balancing Yin with Yang

We strongly believe in the importance of balancing challenging vinyasa flow yoga classes with the yin energy of slow flow, restorative and even meditation.  Most people forget that working hard and mellowing things out are equally as important. One of our teachers used to say, “the harder you are on something, the faster you’ll wear it out,” and he was right.  Try balancing your schedule with classes that get you sore and classes that give you that much needed release.  

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All Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes Are Not the Same

Every teacher has their own take on vinyasa flow yoga.  That’s the beauty of it.  Some teachers go slower and do less poses while focusing on proper alignment.  Other teachers move at a steady pace, creating a more athletic flow that resembles a workout.  The person that guides you thorough your practice has to resonate with your personality in order for their teachings to go the distance.  Only the best teachers in San Diego are featured on so you’re sure to get quality instruction in every class.  

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