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January 10, 2013
Love the Skin You’re In

Love the Skin You’re In

Everywhere we look we are being told that we are not skinny enough, pretty enough and wealthy enough.  Feeling inadequate has become the norm.  While there are things that we could all improve on, being hyper-critical of ourselves may not be the best place to start.  Yoga teaches us how to thrive in our present circumstances – no matter what they are.  An attitude of gratitude has been found to yield better results.  But this does not imply that one should be complacent and continue with self-destructive behavior.  The point is this: In order to implement positive change and create new patterns, we must accept that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be right now.  Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and change will manifest from a positive place without much resistance or difficulty.  Negative energy attracts negative energy and when we want to change our external circumstances we must start with our internal environment.  As a wise man once said, “if you want the world to be a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”    

Ahimsa is a yogic principle that is most simply defined as do no harm.  It is a widely interpreted concept that people honor in varying degrees.   In Heart of Yoga, Desikachar says that ahimsa “simply means that we must always behave with consideration and attention to others.”   How we treat others has a direct relationship with how we treat ourselves.  If we are constantly judging those around us and incessantly comparing ourselves to everyone, then self-acceptance will always elude us and we will forever be chasing our own tails.  Yoga and meditation provide a clearer lens to view ourselves and others through.  It is a view of acceptance and seeing beauty in everything, including our imperfections.  When practiced regularly, we experience a greater sense of confidence that comes from within.  We begin to see others as an extension of ourselves and we move with life’s flow effortlessly.  You hear it all the time, “look within for answers.”  That is one of the goals of yoga – look inward and ignite the change that is already there.  Practice yoga and love the skin you’re in.

Photo: Danny Juare

Hair: Jaylin Youm from Jax & King

Makeup: Crystal Bautista

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