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July 9, 2013
Raw Vegan Cupcakes

Raw Vegan Cupcakes

We love cupcakes!  But we don’t love how gluten and dairy wreak havoc on our systems so…we came across this amazing recipe by Fully Raw.  Give it a try and we are sure your taste buds and your friends will thank us.  


In a food processor blend:

2-3 cups of pulverized carrots

1.5 lbs of pitted dates

pinch of cinnamon 

an inch of ginger or power ginger

half an inch of raw turmeric or powder


In a high-speed blender make the frosting by blending:

The juice of 1-2 oranges

2-3 cups of soaked cashews

1/2-1 cup of pitted dates

1 fresh vanilla bean (scraped out)

Fill your cupcake blend into silicone cupcake holders and top with frosting.  

So delicious!!!

Comment on our Facebook Page if you make them and big thanks to Fully Raw Kristina for the recipe!

You can watch the instructional video HERE.  

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