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September 3, 2013
Raw Peach Cobbler

Raw Peach Cobbler

Everyone LOVES peaches when they are in season – ripe, juicy, delectable. So treat yourself to the perfect dessert to make as a snack, sweet treat, or even as a lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

After all, this recipe by Fully Raw contains only delicious natural ingredients, which gives you energy and nourishment. Trust us, you will only have to try this once to be sold on raw peach cobbler!


7-10 Ripe Peaches (sliced)

5-7 Nectarines (chopped)

2-3 lbs. of Dates (pitted)

2-3 cups of Pecans

2 t Cinnamon

In a food processor add your pecans, ¾ of your dates, and dash of cinnamon.  Pulse until all ingredients crumble nicely together – this will be used for the two layers of crust in your peach cobbler.  Press ½ of the crumble to form the first layer of crust in your pie pan followed by a layer of thinly sliced peaches. Repeat one more layer of crumble & sliced peaches.

Top it off with the sweet nectarine drizzle! 

In a high-speed blender make the drizzle by blending the chopped nectarines, ¼ of your dates and cinnamon to your liking.  Drizzle on top of your pie, garnish with a few more slices of peaches & enjoy!

Let us know how yours turns out on our Facebook Page & thanks again Fully Raw Kristina for another favorite!

You can watch the instructional video HERE.

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