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September 30, 2013
Ginger Wellness Shot

Ginger Wellness Shot

We searched high and low for the perfect wellness shot and here it is! This combination of powerful ingredients leaves you feeling energized, immunized, and bulletproof.  It actually tastes pretty good too, so get on it and start taking preventive measures to ensure optimum health! 


Juicer, cold-pressed if possible

*all ingredients organic

Oregano Oil

Lugol’s Iodine 2-5%

Ginger Root

Turmeric Root


Powder Cayenne Pepper


Juice 1/2 pound of turmeric, 1/2 pound of ginger and approximately 5 lemons.  For every 2 ounces of juice, add 2 drops of iodine and 4 drops of oregano oil


>Oregano Oil:  anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic.

>Lugol’s Iodine: strenghtnes immune system and removes toxic chemicals from the body (flouride, lead, mercury), regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, regulates mood and more. 

>Raw Ginger: anti-viral, antipasmodic, anti-bacterial, circulatory stimgulant, analgesic, anticlotting agent, etc.

>Raw Turmeric: heals wounds, improves digestion, destroys cancer cells, anti-inflammatory, detoxes the liver, reduces cholesterol levels, boots immune system.

>Cayenne Pepper: Opens and drains congested nasal passages, excellent source of vitamin A, prevents free radical damage, fights inflammation, natural pain reliever, boosts immunity, aids in weight loss, prevents stomach ulcers.  

If you live in San Diego and would like to order fresh-pressed, raw juice or shots, contact

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