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October 25, 2015
Out of All the Different Types of Yoga, Which One is Right for Me?

Out of All the Different Types of Yoga, Which One is Right for Me?

No two yogis are the same, and no yogi’s practice is the same everyday. This is why in our San Diego Yoga studio we have over 10 different yoga classes. On one hand this is great, there are options so you can get exactly what you need. But on the other hand having too many choices can be a little overwhelming. If you find yourself struggling making a decision, this yoga infographic may help.

Class descriptions:

Beginner Flow | Perfect for people who are new to yoga or want to re-familiarize themselves with the basics.  Learn the fundamentals such as breathing and proper alignment.

Slow Flow | Great for beginners or people who prefer a slower paced class. Flow in and out of poses with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath. Taking time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you’ve been practicing.

Restorative | A space to revitalize the body and mind using fundamental yoga postures with the assistance of props. Facilitates a deep kinesthetic awareness through longer hold times, gentle movement, and a more passive approach to maintaining the state of each position.

Align & Flow | Vinyasa style class integrating mindful movement and steady attention to the breath, cultivating a deepened self-awareness through inquiry and exploration of yoga postures.

Ashtanga Improv | Done in the traditional setting where the breath is the only “music” played, Ashtanga Improv, an oxymoron in itself, is an attempt to take the Ashtanga foundation typically beginning with Sun Salutations A & B, and continuing on to hold every given posture for a count of five breaths before switching sides or proceeding onto the next posture.

Vinyasa Mixed | Dynamic movements and creative sequencing are woven together with breath awareness to create heat and release tension from the body.

Buddhi Flow | Our signature class combines Amanda’s ultra smooth vinyasa style with Carolina’s creative and powerful sequencing. Expert adjustments and unique variations while flowing through seamless transitions.

Super Yogi | Vinyasa for all levels focusing on inversions, core strength, arm balances and flying techniques. Using the props makes these challenging postures accessible and fun!

Also available at our studio, Buddhi Yoga:

Prenatal | Sequences and postures are selected and modified specifically to prepare the mother for the birthing experience while nurturing the connection with her baby. 

Kids Yoga | For ages 3-7 Start them young! Kids learn poses, breathing and relaxation techniques while using their imagination in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Community Class | Take a $5 vinyasa class taught by a different Buddhi teacher every week. Great opportunity to treat a friend to yoga and experience a wide variety of styles.  

We have a Happy Back and Runner’s Flow class in the works and we can’t wait to get them going at our San Diego yoga studio. The best way to find your favorite yoga class is to try them all, see you on the mat! 

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