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January 20, 2015
Workshops @ Buddhi Yoga

Workshops @ Buddhi Yoga

Knowledge is Power

Workshops are the perfect way to learn about the secrets of yoga and all its different styles.  We have some amazing teachers rolling to town to teach us the latest and greatest so come check them out! Sign up online and reserve; space is limited. We look forward to seeing you!

Jan 24 & 25 | Anatomy with Dr. Jeremy Brook
Foundation and Bony Infrastructure with an emphasis on the spine.
Saturday 11:30am-6pm | Sunday 11am-2pm | $150


This module (the first of two) will focus on The Science of Biomechanics of the bones and the joints.


  • Learn what normal alignment looks like based on the science of alignment.
  • Learn about the 4 curves of the spine.  Honor its intricate design to maximize the expression of postures while decreasing abnormal wear and tear. Work with the body instead of battling against it.
  • Explore the “Black Holes” of the body with special attention to transitional zones.  A new emphasis will be placed on transitional areas (occipito-atlantal, cervico-thoracic, throraco-lumbar, lumbo sacral). These areas are commonly neglected and can create dysfunction in the pose.
  • Finish the workshop with a 2.5 hour scientifically designed full body vinyasa lubrication practice.
    Put it all together as we go on an anatomical journey exploring every joint in the body.

Jan 31 | G-Flow with Goldie Graham

Saturday 12-2pm | $35
In this two-hour workshop, Goldie will lead you through an intelligent, creative vinyasa sequence with an emphasis on intuitive movement and your internal metronome. Class starts with pranayama and visualization which will lead into asana and eventually build up to a stronger flow working towards postural peaks. Goldie is known for her ability to create fluid, intuitive sequences that just simply feel good when tried on. If you like to flow, this class is for you!
Goldie Graham is a traveling yoga instructor who leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats around the globe. She is a community leader, an innovator in creating unique events and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post and was awarded the esteem of “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine. 
February 7 |  Yoga Philosophy with Derek Beres
Saturday 3-6pm | $45

Trace the history of yoga from ancient textural sources through the modern day, with an emphasis on the application of the yamas and niyamas, the ethical precepts that laid the foundation for all the other elements of yoga. You’ll also look at how these concepts play out in modern American society by looking at their effects in light of the developments of neuroscience and developmental psychology.

Derek Beres has devoted his life to exposing people to international music, yoga, mythology and global cultures as a means of creating better individuals and a more informed society.  A multi-faceted journalist, DJ and yoga instructor, he is the creator of Flow Play, an innovative Vinyasa-based class that fuses yoga, music and neuroscience.

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