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February 29, 2012
Pete Kuzma Music

Pete Kuzma Music

Well, well, well…so it turns out that our live savasana musician for the Buddhi Launch Event is a bit of a big deal.  Pete Kuzma, front and center on his yoga mat is a nationally acclaimed musician who has toured the world with the likes of Kanye West, Prince, Sting, Lady Gaga, The Roots, Jill Scott, Akon and too many others to mention.  He is a music director, keyboardist, producer, and now final relaxation music expert.

What the heck do you do?  

I play piano.  When I was younger I had visions of being a jazz star.  By star I mean a really good jazz sideman.  By really good jazz sideman I mean a super proficient pianist;  Less Brad Mehldau, more Joey Calderazzo.  Little did young Kuzma realize that jazz is only alive in the areas and people that keep jazz alive.  However, this equates to a tinier minority than the tiniest village in certain third world countries.  All that usually means is that there’s very little money involved.  I mean, I’d play jazz for sea shells (and i have, even if sea shells meant free) but life is expensive.  That being said, I started touring and producing with recording artists.  See the world, make a little dosh, and EVEN play a little jazz during sound checks!  Where did my life go wrong…

How has your yoga practice changed your life and/or how does yoga assist your music-making process?  

I can’t even come up with an answer to this without sounding weird.  Can we pull something off Duncan Wong’s page?  Kidding.  

The physical aspect of yoga, to me, is synonymous with an ultimate vulnerability to life and to yourself.  You feel the vulnerability of other students and your teacher when you practice .  I think yoga is called a lot of things:  Compassion, the innate ability to empathize and so much more.  I can speculate on why I think that is, but it’s not important.  When you are that open and your senses are heightened, any input of information (visual, tactile, auditory, etc.), tends to affect you in a deeper way.  Suddenly things take a different route in your being and experience means something a little different.  So when I’m functioning in this realm, what I HEAR is magnified.  Every chord, syllable, melodic concept, and rhythmic nuance is manifesting itself in different truths.  This is why yoga PLAYLISTS are so important (which you, Carolina seem to have a superior handle on!)  Anyway, it is that openness and vulnerability that allows you to create your art, whatever your art may be.  In my case, it’s a sonic aesthetic.  

You sent me a file of amazing relaxation music that you created some time ago.  Can you elaborate on that?

I sort of had this idea of creating a body of music (an album) geared toward savasana (final relaxation) for fun.  It’s mellow, deep and takes you places.  I got a little busy so I put it on hold, but maybe I’ll return to it soon.

We can’t wait to hear what Pete has in store for us!

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