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June 26, 2012

Conscious Jewelry by Dana Weiss

conscious jewelry

I just recently met Danna Weiss, creator of the metaphysical line, Conscious Jewelry.  I went to see her pieces, she gave me a crystal reading and boy was she right on!  My experience with crystals has been limited until now, but I know I like them.  I’ve used them in meditation to amplify intentions and goals, but I never knew how powerful it could be to wear them as big, beautiful accessories.  Danna’s pieces make a statement, yet they have a purpose.  Each necklace is unique to what you need in the moment.  Each one has its own energy.  They’re bold and somehow they make you feel different.

Danna and I sat down to talk about her path from celebrity stylist in New York City to nearly dying, healing and recovering, to create the Conscious Jewelry line.  We talked about how to use crystals to transform negative thought patterns into positive and creative energy.  She believes in releasing conditioned social programs that keep us from moving forward.  Danna also tells us how to master self-love and gives us tips on how to be a better mommy.  Read excerpts from our interview below to get to know a super sweet, intuitive and fun girl who radiates light and wisdom.  You can also listen to the full-length versionHERE.

conscious jewelry

How do crystals work?

The most important thing for people to understand about crystals is that it really is just science.  Crystals are in watches, they’re in computers and they’re in laser surgery because they magnify and move energy.  They do the same thing on the body.  It’s very similar to acupuncture in which you’re circulating the energy and filtering out all the stagnant energy.  One of the big differences, though, is that crystals have different properties, so you’re filtering those properties into your auric field.  And that’s the amazing thing because the body is so intelligent that it knows when it’s thirsty, when it’s tired and it knows when it needs rose quartz or lapis.  It comes across as someone simply being attracted to the stone thinking it’s very beautiful and loving it.  I’ve had women tell me that they wore a certain necklace to death for four months and then just dropped it and never looked at it again.  That’s because the crystals assisted them in what they were processing at that time.  What people don’t realize is that when they’re wearing stone energy, those properties are very subtle.  For example, “I used to have a backache and now I don’t” or “that person used to trigger me and for some reason now that person doesn’t even bother me.”  They help you transform negative thoughts to thoughts of creativity and confidence.  

You said your client base is mostly moms.  What have you noticed to be the their number one need?

It’s funny because I’m not a mom, but I’m an empath so I tap into all their feelings and I’m like, “Oh my god I’m going to cry.”  As the airlines instruct us in an emergency, “put your facemask on and then your child’s.”  if you don’t put your facemask on first, your child pulls all that negative energy into his system. Take care of yourself because that is what your child needs.  They need you to be 100 percent, even if it means being away from your child for a little bit to fill yourself back up.  I have a theory that everyone on this earth, no matter who they are, has the same root of suffering that comes from lack of self-love and not feeling seen.  I mean being seen in the form of feeling like they matter and are being seen for their heart or what’s great about them. 

This is what it all boils down to and there’s goodness in every single person, no matter how “badly” they act.  People can sometimes feel so unloved that they go off in another direction.  Basically, what I’ve been telling moms to do at night in bed with their kids is to play a little game called the Danna/Mommy Exercise.  You look into your child’s eyes and you say, “Mommy loves you and mommy sees you.”  The child says back to you, “Mommy loves me, mommy sees me.”  You do this for five minutes back and forth.  You’ll be surprised how you feel at the end of those five minutes.  I then have the moms flip it because they need the love too and the child says, “Mommy I love you, mommy I see you” and the mom says back, “Yes, I know you love me and you see me.”  It’s reinforcement and when you do it for five minutes and you get in a repetition, it hits the subconscious.  Then you have a more well-adjusted child because there’s always moments when you’re too busy to give them all the attention they need.  Taking those five minutes at the end of the day to tell your child that they’re loved and seen, is extremely powerful and important.

danna weiss

conscious jewelry

How did this jewelry line come about? 

When I was a kid,  I loved crystals and gemstones.  I think all kids love crystals and gemstones because they are so intuitive, smart and connected to the previous world.  So I loved them when I was little and since I was also a little bit of a fashion bug, I started making myself charm necklaces so I could wear them all at once.  I was so obsessed with the properties of the stones that I began wearing them all the time and then kids at school wanted them too.  Before I knew it I had 17 stores, I had a Macy’s trunk show and my stuff was in magazines. 

I was an entrepreneur.  My dad was an entrepreneur.  He let me borrow some money, I paid him back and I had a really viable business.  Oddly enoug,  that’s how I got into college to study fashion.   I worked as a celebrity stylist, I worked as a fashion editor and I satisfied all my curiosities, like sitting front row at fashion shows, etc.  

Living this fast-paced life on the redeye, working til five am, running crazy for clients and living The Devil Wears Prada, I really depleted my health.  I got bad bronchitis for six months and then being very much a New Yorker, I just wanted them to fix me and give me something fast because then I didn’t even have time for myself.  I didn’t realize that I was responsible for my own health care and I allowed very well-known doctors to overdose me on antibiotics.  In the course of a month and a half they gave me five antibiotics.  Neither the docs nor I knew why I was becoming increasingly sick and why I was losing all my food through my body. For six months I began to lose weight, lose hair, lose myself and all my energy.  It got to the point where I was 80 pounds, had half a head of hair and I stayed in bed for 21 hours a day.  I was on my way to the Mayo Clinic because I was dying and we needed to find out what was wrong.  We found a great GI doctor who figured out that I had C.diff (a bacterial infection from antibiotics), which kills nine percent of people who are infected.  The typical me at this point didn’t realize what was happening.  I took the medication from him and said, “Oh great, I’ll be good in three weeks!” and he said “No honey, it’s gonna take you a year.”  During the course of the six months where I was basically dying, I went to a nutritionist to do whatever I could to help and she said, “Have you ever worked with crystals?” And I said, “Well, I used to have a crystal business as a kid.”  In a way I had forgotten about crystals.  She gave me a rose quartz and I put it on my chest.  At that point I was so sensitive and weakened that I could feel the crystal really strongly.  She asked me what it felt like and I said, “It feels like when my dog falls asleep on my chest.” She said “That’s the energy of love.”  The light bulb went off and it all made sense.  After that, I went out and got a couple of crystals and I swear they kept me alive.  They were my energy and they really assisted me in having energy.  Long story short,  after I finally healed, the guy at the crystal store told me I should start a jewelry line and I did.  It was like the universe had to bang me over the head with the message to go back to my roots. 

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