myles golden
June 11, 2013
Pineapple Strawberry Sorbet

Pineapple Strawberry Sorbet

The Vitamix (or other high-speed blender) makes some amazing creations and this is definitely one of my favorites.  And kids love it too.


1 cup of fresh chopped pineapple

1 cup of fresh strawberries

1 cup of frozen strawberries

Add pineapple, strawberries and frozen strawberries in that order to Vitamix.  Start blender on low and gradually turn up to 10 using the tamper to mix the ingredients well.  Turn on high at the very end to make sure it’s smooth and creamy.  If it’s not as thick as you’d like, add more frozen strawberries until it’s the right consistency.  Enjoy right away before it melts!

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