Super Yogi Yoga Videos for Intermediate to Advanced Students

This series of yoga videos explores strong flows, deep backbends, arm balances, binds, all inversions, and difficult transitions. The sequences in these classes are intelligently strung together so the challenging poses become easier to do. It’s recommended that students have moderate to strong practices in order to move through the Super Yogi series.


What Super Yogi Means

Super Yogi videos are a great workout with deep stretches, core work, and lots of flying/upside down time. You’ll find fun poses to work on while being reminded to breathe and honor the body. To us, an “advanced” practice means maintaining a steady rhythm with the breath and finding a state of meditation through the flow of postures. When we can take deep awareness and connect it with breath control it becomes easier to overcome challenges. Super Yogi classes are great students who want to challenge themselves and try new things.


Why We Like to Practice Difficult Poses

In yoga, a lot of the challenging postures are named after Sages…and rightfully so. It takes a lot of time, dedication, knowledge and patience to master arm balances, deep binds and inversions. We love these types of yoga poses because they remind us to keep trying while staying rooted in non-attachment. If we place all our happiness on the future moment when we finally get that one pose, we quickly realize there are many other poses we still can’t do. Instead of continuing to chase this evasive happiness, these poses teach us to find contentment (santosha) in the process. We are happy where we are today but we keep challenging ourselves in order to grow and gain valuable tools that can be applied to other areas of our lives.

The Physical Focus of Super Yogi Videos

Expect to sweat when you practice this yoga video series. Steady flows get your blood pumping to heat up the body and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Prep poses open the shoulders and hips to increase flexibility in the four corners of the body. Core strengthening exercises and Bandha (energy lock) work is sprinkled throughout the classes to increase control in jump-backs/jump-ups, arm balances and inversions.

Handstand Splits