Yoga Audio Downloads

While the internet seems to be available everywhere, sometimes we can’t get online, yet we still want to be able to get our yoga in. That’s why yourBuddhi offers full length, 75-minute audio downloads of Carolina and Amanda’s group classes at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, California. All of our audio downloads are either Slow Flow or Buddhi Flow classes that were recorded live from studio classes. If you are in the mood for a slow and deep stretch, try a Slow Flow yoga download. If you are in the mood for a sweaty workout and have some stress to burn off, go for the Buddhi Flow option. Members of have access to a large library of free downloads with new ones added every month. Play them from your computer or any device no matter where you are.

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Yoga Audio Downloads are Yours to Keep Forever

Yoga downloads are small mp3 files that are easily saved to your phone or tablet. If you are traveling and not sure about access to wireless internet, download a few Slow Flow and Buddhi Flow yoga classes so that you have your very own traveling yoga instructor with you no matter where you go. Whether you are hiking the Pacific Coast Trail or camping in Joshua Tree, being able to spontaneously provide a great yoga experience for yourself and your travel companions is priceless.

Clear Instruction Doesn’t Need Demonstrations

Your teachers Amanda and Carolina are experts at giving clear and concise instruction so that you never feel lost following along without video images. All poses and transitions are explained with proper alignment and you’re encouraged to go at your own pace and listen to your body. Doing yoga without a visual guide creates a nice opportunity for focusing more on the breath and creating greater internal awareness. The Slow Flow and Buddhi Flow audio classes are the next best thing to actually being in the La Jolla Buddhi Yoga studio.

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Anyone Can Do Yoga With Audio Yoga Downloads

Beginners are encouraged to practice Slow Flow audio classes so they can learn precise alignment at a leisurely pace. However, anyone can choose these audios regardless of their level of expertise. Those who feel comfortable in mixed level classes enjoy the Buddhi Flow audio series for the variety of poses and fun flows. Email us with your requests and let us know what types of classes you’d like to see more of on

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