Thai Massage

Thai Massage Workshop with Amanda McCarroll


Grab a partner and follow along with Amanda McCarroll as she leads you through a 45 minute Thai Massage. Learn moves that will loosen the hips, lengthen the hamstrings, release the lower back, create space in the entire spine and open up the feet and ankles. This series is excellent for yoga instructors who want to add passive stretching to their private yoga sessions or to just learn a few more moves to relax students at the end of class and during Savasana.


After you purchase, you will receive an link via email to view the workshop on your computer or other device. Here is a brief sample. The camera angle is extremely close so that you get detailed instructions about where and how to place the hands on the body. Learn great tips for giving comfortable palm presses and proper body mechanics so that giving the session feels almost as good as receiving it!


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