Carolina Vivas

Carolina believes that through yoga we can make an impactful change in the body and mind. She has personally experienced more courage, clarity and stability in many areas of her life. This proves to be an invaluable tool as we traverse the ups and downs that come our way. Carolina's classes leave you feeling realigned, relaxed and powerful.

Amanda McCarroll

Amanda has been teaching vinyasa yoga since 2001. She expertly teaches all levels of practitioners and has developed a strong instinct for safely challenging her students while giving them exactly what they need.  Integrating her study of a variety of styles of yoga, bodywork and anatomy, her classes are full of creative sequencing.

Jonathan Old-Rowe

Jon began his yoga teaching career seventeen years ago in a teacher training. He has trained with some of our greatest contemporary yoga teachers such as Ana Forrest and Annie Carpenter and he has an incredible gift of infusing what he has learned into his own authentic and powerful teaching style. Jon teaches slow flow and vinyasa.

Sheel Seidler

Sheel has advanced training in Kundalini (500+ hr) and Hatha Yoga (200+ hr). She is fascinated with how to apply ancient yoga teachings to today’s lifestyle. In particular to the paths of recovery and motherhood. She brings the complementary healing of plant medicine into her classes and has 200+ hr training in medicinal aromatherapy.