Slow Flow Online Yoga Videos

Slow Flow Online Yoga Videos move at a slow and steady pace allowing for students to pay close attention to the breath and alignment. For beginning students who are looking for more of a physically challenging class than Beginner Flow, these videos are a great way to explore deeper postures and more advanced transitions. For people who have more experience but are looking for a mellow pace and deeper stretch, Slow Flow classes will relax you while improving strength and flexibility.

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How are Slow Flow Classes Different from Other Classes

Beginner Flow classes aim to break down individual postures to create a solid and safe foundation for new students. Slow Flow classes are for people who have more experience so they can enjoy the seamlessly flowing sequences that help students feel like they are in a moving meditation. When the breath and movement are connected in a rhythmic fashion, the body becomes light and fluid while the mind quiets down and the practitioner finds a sense of calm and presence. This is the goal of yoga. Not to put your legs behind your head but to find and maintain a sense of inner peace. Buddhi Flow and Super Yogi classes are faster paced with trickier transitions that require more experience, strength and flexibility. For many people, the Slow Flow classes are the perfect mix of challenge and ease, providing a space to get all the mental, emotional and physical benefits of yoga.

Slow Flow Videos are Great Cross Training for Athletes

Athletes who spend a lot of time rigorously training aren’t always looking for a workout in their yoga practice. They get enough of that in their daily routines. Slow Flow classes help to increase flexibility where athletes need it most: the hamstrings, hips, quads, spine, neck and shoulders. For those students who still compete, these slower paced yoga videos teach how to use the breath as a powerful tool that increases focus and concentration while relieving the stress associated with upcoming events. For both the mind and body, Slow Flow classes are great cross training for athletes.

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Tips to Get the Most out of Slow Flow Online Yoga Videos:

  • Explore a variety of the Slow Flow class options. They will target different areas of the body and focus on different aspects of yoga.
  • If they are too difficult and it is hard to maintain the breath and ease through transitions between postures, take a few more Beginner Flow classes.
  • If they didn’t create enough heat and you felt like you needed to be more warmed up or more challenged, try a few Buddhi Flow or Super Yogi classes to see if that works better for you.
  • Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all type of practice. We like to provide a wide variety of class options so that you find what feels good to you on any particular day. We emphasize that yoga is not a hierarchy. You don’t graduate from one level to the next so try all of the different choices until you find what feels good to you.

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