Beginner Flow Online Yoga Videos

Beginner Flow online yoga videos are designed for people who have never done yoga before. They outline the basics of breath, connecting movement with the breath, alignment in postures, and introduce all of the different groups of asanas (poses). Transitions between poses are simple and the pace of the classes are slow so that the practitioner can build a solid foundation while greatly limiting the risk of injury.

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Beginner Flow Yoga Videos are For Everyone

At yourBuddhi we don’t believe in a hierarchy of levels. Beginner Flow classes are appropriate for anyone who is interested in starting yoga or has already been practicing. Even students that are used to a more vigorous, faster-paced class have days where they want to move slowly, go over the basics and settle longer into the poses. If the style of these online yoga videos are perfect for your body and give you everything you need, then you have found the perfect style for you. Slow Flow is not “higher” than Beginner Flow, while Super Yogi is not “higher” than Buddhi Flow. Beginner Flow online yoga videos are the perfect way to create a solid foundation for a yoga practice that will yield years and years of benefit for both body and mind.

Follow These Tips if you are New to Yoga

Create a space in your home (or wherever you are) that is big enough for a yoga mat and enables you to stretch your arms wide apart. You really don’t need much space for a home practice. Clear away any clutter in the area so that you can focus on your breath and minimize distractions.

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Purchase a yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a strap. Props will help make many yoga poses more comfortable. As your flexibility gradually increases, you may not need them anymore but they can be extremely helpful in the beginning.

Move at your own pace. If you feel rushed or have difficulty keeping your breath within your control, press pause on the video and take a break. The most important part of yoga is maintaining a steady rhythm of breath. This can be challenging at first but with practice it will become easy and you will be amazed at how great it feels.

Practice often. Try different videos or stick to one that you really like. Set aside time to do your practice at least three times a week. There are 20, 40 and 60 minute videos so you can choose a class based on your schedule. After a few weeks of dedication, you will definitely feel a big different in your strength and flexibility. We often hear students say that they also experience stress relief and a more positive outlook on life.

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