Class Descriptions

All yoga classes range between twenty and seventy-five minutes. You can filter by level, focus or time to find the perfect class. Trying a variety of styles and teachers will give you a well-rounded practice that will continue to evolve year after year. Below are the types of classes you can find here.

If you’ve never done yoga, start with the Beginner Flow video series to get acquainted with the lingo, basic poses, and simple breathing techniques. If you have a strong practice and want to challenge yourself, try the Super Yogi series. If you’re somewhere in between a newbie and a seasoned pro, ask yourself how you feel today. Is it one of those days where you should slow things down and try a class that leisurely stretches you? Or are you feeling sluggish and want to bump up the energy? The Slow Flow and Buddhi Flow video yoga classes offer well-rounded sequences that do just that.

Beginner Flow is Yoga 101

beginner flow static pic3Learn the basics of breath control and explores the dynamics of movement through yoga postures. This yoga video series teaches you the names of postures and familiarizes the body with all of the different types of poses. The pace is slow enough so that you can breath easily while trying new things.

Slow Flow Classes – Take Your Time and Pay Close Attention to Alignment and Breath

slow flow static pic 2These gentle classes pause for a few long breaths in every posture to explore proper alignment. With a lot of emphasis on the breath the students can become more aware of their bodies as they do the poses in a systematic fashion. Each class has a specific focus, such as “yoga for hips and shoulders” or “energizing flow.” Browse through our yoga videos to find the perfect class.

Buddhi Flow Classes Are a Great Workout that Invigorate the Body and Center the Mind

buddhi flow static pageOur signature vinyasa classes aim to give you a little bit of everything. The steady-moving flows get you sweating and ready to stretch deeper while you breathe rhythmically and sharpen your focus. Discover fun transitions, unique variations and smooth flows that leave you feeling like you’re floating. These classes are also great for yoga teachers who are looking for inspiration or help with cueing and sequencing.

The Super Yogi Series Leaves you Feeling Invincible

craneWant to sweat and challenge yourself beyond what you thought possible? These classes were made for you. Strong flows, vinyasas, arm balances, core work, inversions and advanced postures are taught in a fun, smart and straightforward way. Learn how to let go of fear, not take yourself too seriously, and be okay with where you are right now. These difficult poses often teach us resilience, the power of dedication, and non-attachment.

Do Yoga on a Remote Mountain Top with Our Audio Downloads

audio class static pageDuring some of our regularly scheduled La Jolla yoga studio classes we put ou phones in arm bands, hit record and…bam! You’ve got full-length, 75-minute audio classes that download directly onto your device. You don’t need an internet connection; Just a yoga mat and your device.